Scarf Fabric Types

If you are new to scarves, you will want to start here!

Listed below are some of the different types of fabrics scarves are made out of and some of their respective attributes. Use this as a reference for your shopping experience to get the most out of your time here. It will be a useful tool to help you find the scarf that best suits you and your needs.

Image of Acrylic Fabric.


Acrylic is an ultra-fine fabric (finer than the most delicate silk) that is luxurious and very soft to the touch. It is wearer-friendly because it is washable and dry-cleanable. Acrylic fabrics are strong and shrink resistant in nature. They are also well-known for their comfort, because they are insulated and breathable.

Image of Cotton Fabric.


Cotton is one of the most well known natural fabrics. It is notorious for its breathe-ability, durability, and its cooling effect. Cotton is known to be a wash and wear fabric. It is also iron-able and soft to the touch.

Image of Linen Fabric.


Linen is infamous in the fabric world for its sheer strength. It is two to three times stronger than cotton. This fabric is virtually lint free which also gives it a very smooth texture. The color in linen fabrics doesn't fade when washed. This garment will press easily.

Image of Mohair Fabric.


Mohair is a natural silk-like fabric that comes from the Angora goat. It is super soft to the touch, long-lasting, and durable. Since mohair is a natural fiber it has a luxurious feel to it. It is also warm, easily absorbs moisture, comfortable in hot or cold weather, shrink resistant, and wrinkle resistant.

Image of Polyester Fabric. 


Polyester is a popular man-made fabric that is notorious for its strength. It is machine washable and dries quickly. Polyester is also dry-cleanable, wrinkle resistant, stretch resistant, and shrink resistant.

Image of Silk Fabric.


Silk is the oldest textile fiber known to man. It is extremely elegant and refined. Silk retains its shape extremely well in addition to hanging well. Silk can be worn in all seasons and it shimmers with a luster all of its own. Silk must be hand-washed, but it will not shrink. It dries quickly, but do not ring out into a towel to dry or put in drier. Silk is a very light fabric and was at one time, reserved for kings.

Image of Wool Fabric.


Wool is a textile fabric that is known for its unique combination of good insulation and lightweight in nature. It is dirt, flame, and wrinkle resistant. It is washable, but it will shrink if washed improperly. Wool is a very breathable fabric.